Congratulations to Randal for His New Book Pre-Release

Today is my beloved teacher, Randal Churchill's pre-release of his brand new book - Catharsis in Regression Hypnotherapy.

Randal, congratulations!!!

Here is a short summary of the book:-

This volume completes the Regression Hypnotherapy set, developing the comprehensive guidance given in the first volume. When utilizing hypnotic regression to help heal the effects of trauma, including with methods such as the affect bridge and Gestalt, abreaction is not a goal but naturally a common development and can be part of the opportunity for powerful therapy. While Volume I emphasizes many explorations of dealing with strong emotions, this book explores issues and examples of working through exceptionally strong expressions of emotion.

This book is officially released to public in Nov but priority sale is available for HTI graduates. I have already made an order and am looking forward receiving a copy of it. Wow! So exciting!



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